Which Apps Work With Android Auto?

Which Apps Work With Android Auto

Which Apps Work With Android Auto

The solution here is, no longer many. But that’s precisely the point. You don’t actually need to recognize that new Instagram message or Facebook occasion reminder till you get to your destination anyway, so it can’t be visible, heard or interacted with.

Instead, you could use maps, make calls, send messages and pay attention to track, plus interact with a small wide variety of third-birthday celebration map and massage packages.

Google Maps

What in case your GPS knew where you have been going before you had a risk to painstakingly enter the postcode, town, road call, and so forth, with the utmost accuracy?

That’s the now not-too-unreasonable idea in the back of Google Maps within Android Auto head unit. It often throws up the region you may be going subsequent and offers you an ETA and higher path options thanks to the ultra-modern visitor’s facts.

Beyond this Google, Now predictive home display, clicking into the Google Maps app brings up a familiar navigation interface, entire with dragging and pinch-to-zoom touch controls.

Deeper menu alternatives deliver up lists for hints and categories, and precise locations can still be typed in or spoken with voice commands. Traffic may be unchecked; however, it is on through default. Everything else about Google Maps looks acquainted, and that’s heartening.

What’s definitely first-rate is that exiting the Google Maps app mid-experience locations a navigation card on the Android Auto home screen. You can preserve tabs at the turn-by-turn indicators while sorting through different notifications.

Google Maps is many humans’ favored choice when navigating inside the automobile, so having it proper there in the dashboard – replacing the automobile’s personal, regularly inferior machine – is very welcome.

Phone calls

Safely fielding calls makes Google Dialler a vital app within Android Auto head unit, 2nd handiest to getting where you want to move via Google Maps.

Its menus include recent calls indexed from your phone and the potential to touch ‘Dial a number’ to attain a person outdoor of your common contacts.

The middle-aligned touch listing and dial pad in all fairness massive, which makes dialing someone up plenty easier even as on the street. Microphone-initiated call functionality maintains the technique even safer.

In-progress calls are themed with giving up and mute buttons, and there may be a hidden dialer pad for getting into lengthy extensions mid-call – simply in case you have to “please listen carefully, as our menu has modified.”

The cellphone app’s ‘hamburger button’ inside the pinnacle left reveals more alternatives for voicemail, pace dial and ignored calls. Digging is not essential. Status bar notifications assist you to see calls, texts, and different alerts as they come in, and it’s clean to the faucet on them, then pay attention, then respond with voice instructions and dictation.


Incoming messages seem like a notification at the pinnacle of the display, simply as they do for your Android cell phone. You can then tap on the notification to have the message study out to you or tap the X to disregard. Once you have got listened to a message you can tap the microphone icon, say ‘Reply’, then dictate your response.

Best of all, Google’s app-agnostic nature way an extensive variety of messaging apps all works with Android Auto. Messaging works simply as properly in case you use WhatsApp, Kik, Skype, and others.

This alone may not opposite the distracted riding epidemic, however it is a whole lot higher than having people take their eyes off the road for fairly unimportant motives which can wait.


This open approach to third-celebration apps is just as welcome while playing the tune through Android Auto. Of route, Google Play Music is front-and-middle, pumping tunes through your automobiles stereo as you pressure alongside.

You can control playback by tapping on the interface, or with the aid of saying out loud which artist, album or playlist you’d like to listen to. But there are other alternatives here too.

Content can also be performed by Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, MLB, NPR, and others.

Android Auto head unit controls are pretty easy, with truthful buttons and accompanying album artwork inside the background. Streaming songs will use your information plan like every day.


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